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Ace of Cups: Her First Time Out


Mystery/ Romance LGBTQ+


Book Description

Ex-cop Marti O'Neil is struggling to save her uncle's detective agency from

insolvency when she fortuitously lands a wealthy socialite client. Jayne Cullen is

convinced her husband's untimely death in a car crash was no accident and wants to hire a detective to conduct a private investigation. Mayhem ensues when Marti discovers her client's husband was indeed murdered and the police begin to suspect Jayne might have had a hand in it. Marti works overtime to prove her client's innocence and gets embroiled in a crossfire of likely suspects while becoming a target herself. Who's next to get murdered at the Sedgwick Hotel in Easton, Pennsylvania and why? Maybe it’s just in the cards!


Erica Shay

Erica Shay

Erica was raised in the Berkshires where she continues to reside. She majored in psychology at Springfield College and is a certified Feng Shui consultant. For over twenty-five years, she has worked with the guests at two world-class spas in the Berkshires offering Tarot, Astrology, Feng Shui, Dreamwork and Creative Visualization.

She lives with her longtime partner and their cats, Bette and Babs. They have three grown children and several grand-children. At present Erica works full time as a writer when she isn’t working in her many beautiful gardens.

She is the author of a new Crime/ Romance series featuring two female detectives who happen to have some unique mystery solving techniques. The Tarot Mysteries are a unusual blend of crime, suspense, humor and unexpected romance.

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