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Donald Trump is My [frickin'] Guru

There are those who cringe at the sound of his name. Like a fingernail screeching on a chalkboard, the sound of his voice sets off uncontrollable convulsions. The very thought of him makes their blood boil.The pseudonymous writer, A Lady, gently and provocatively guides the reader in taking mental actions that both preserve and restore one’s natural peace of mind.

What shall we do, she ponders, if he actually makes good on his promise to run for President again? Her book “Donald Trump is My [frickin’] Guru is the ultimate in Buddhist mind training. For those of us perilously close to losing our minds in self provoked agitation, A Lady points out the necessary mindset and vital practices with which one must engage in order to survive the anger, frustration, confusion and insanity of our current political playing field.

What if, she informs us, we free our minds instead of losing it altogether?

The team at Stormview Mountain Press is honored to offer this humorous and exciting new book. To learn more or purchase your copy of DONALD TRUMP IS MY [FRICKIN’] GURU, click here!

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