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Marti O'Neil is an ex-cop with a mission: save her uncle's detective agency from insolvency. When a wealthy widow hires her to investigate her husband's suspicious death, Marti is thrust into a thrilling and dangerous crossfire of likely suspects in the Philadelphia suburbs. With a killer on the loose, will Marti be able to prove her client's innocence and save herself before it's too late? Mayhem ensues in this suspenseful mystery novel as Marti races to uncover the truth in the shadows of the Sedgewick Hotel in Stroudsburgh, PA. Maybe the answer is just in the cards.


If you enjoyed the twisting suspense of books like Full House by Janet Evanovich, Two For the Money by Blair Howard and Indiscretions by Barbara Winkes, you'll love Ace of Cups: Her First Time Out. Order now and start the journey of Marti and Jayne in this the first of the Tarot Mysteries.

Ace of Cups: Her First Time Out

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