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Author: Anneka Lowrie


Retired psychologist Johanna Kincaid’s newfound tranquility is quickly disrupted when she is asked to hide a victim of a horrific crime.


The Wilds of Pennsylvania are a remote place where most residents are proud, self-reliant and hardworking. Those qualities and the area’s natural seclusion drew Johanna Kincaid to retire to the mountainside farm of Elk Run. She is enjoying an idyllic refuge from her former fast-paced life as a psychologist to the wealthy and privileged. 


She is unavoidably drawn into a dangerous situation when a long time friend asks her help in hiding a young girl from the traffickers who want her dead.  If she agrees, her life and the lives of her dearest friends will be in serious danger. If she fails, an innocent girl will die. Johanna must find a way to combine her adept knowledge of human behavior with her impeccable training as an apprentice shaman. As she maneuvers her way through a series of complicated events she discovers she, too, is being relentlessly tracked like prey. 


A MURDER OF CROWS is a psychological thriller with a mystical twist that explores the intersection between ancient wisdom and the worst that human nature has to offer.

Mysterious Ways: A Murder of Crows by Anneka Lowrie

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