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Time is TBD


Participatory On-line Workshop

Copyright Workshop

Yes. You should formally register your intellectual property. This Workshop helps you navigate the process of either on-line registration or paper registration for text based creative works (i.e. books) with the Library of Congress.

Copyright Workshop
Copyright Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Participatory On-line Workshop


About the event

Join a live workshop event with a small group of writers (five or less) who will meet via a ZOOM session with Janet Doucette at Stormview Mountain Press.  Determine the best way for you to individually proceed with the formal Library of Congress registration process.  


  • Discuss a "Collection of Unpublished Works"  and self-published text -based creative material
  • Review a Form TX
  • Complete a sample TX for at least one of your works, self-published or "in -the- works"
  • Observe an on-line registration
  • Fee structures at the Library of Congress

When you sign up for this Workshop, you will receive an email with a sample Form TX to print out and work on during the Zoom Session. 

Free to members of our Writer's Guild.  

This will be recorded and made available after the workshop ends to attendees. 

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