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Meet the Writers

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Janet Ware Doucette

Getting To Gamma

Janet Ware Doucette, MA LMHC is a licensed clinical mental health counselor specializing in mind body medicine and biofeedback for the treatment of stress related illnesses. Her client base includes the United States and Canada, Peru, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. She is a former life management therapist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, the world renown health and healing spa.  

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Anneka Lowrie

The Johanna Kincaid Mystery Series

Anneka Lowrie brings the nuances of conflict and challenge together with the psychological conflicts, flaws and inner strengths of her characters. She is a consummate storyteller with a unique grasp of human nature.  As her main character, Johanna Kincaid, she is a student of mysterious ways.  She owes her knowledge to the wisdom and gifts of her teachers.

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White Lily

A. Lady

Donald Trump is My Frickin' Guru

Her bio is coming soon

John C Winchell


John Winchell has written over 120 poems since 2000, 'Emotional Fissures,' is a poetry collection which he self-published in 2009. John's cathartic writing style is based in heavy metaphor and symbolism, with multiple semi-thematic references throughout.

Since 1980, John has also engaged Nature to help mitigate the trials of life. Through this communion, he discovered an inherent healing power in the environment around us. John also recognized Nature’s wish to help humanity heal from our individual and collective trauma as a species.

In response, John founded Healing Thru Nature (HTN) in 2014 as a web portal for Nature-based healing.


More recently, HTN is becoming a streaming platform for natural scenery visual content designed to help viewers access Nature’s ephemeral healing anytime, anywhere on any Internet enabled device - computer, phone or tablet.

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