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Standing on the Summit

The First Signs of April

By Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe M.A., LCMHC, CAGCS



Series?     NO

Paperback?  YES.  eBook YES

Available on Major Retailers:   YES

Stormview Mountain Review

Janet Doucette

 Spring is a time of hope and renewal for many. But for some it may be a time of dark despair. To face another year without a loved-one who has passed on, to be faced with unbearable isolation and sadness, or to encounter ongoing hatred or bullying often result in thoughts of harming oneself.


In her book, First Signs of April, author and grief counselor Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe offers a path of genuine healing in the aftermath of loss. She encourages readers to acknowledge the depth of their sorrow and yet, to lean on the power of compassionate connection. Though we may feel isolated, we discover we are not alone in our grief.


Using memoir as a healing modality, Mary-Elizabeth, shares her own story of living in the shadows. Emerging with strength and somber purpose, she helps us understand our grief is shaped by a great capacity to love and care for one another.

I was deeply moved by the power of Mary-Elizabeth's personal story of loss. It is inevitably a love story.  We forget, when are in the grips of loss and despair, that it is love that is the driving force. It is the capacity of love that makes us so vulnerable to the pain of loss.  We do not grieve what we do not love.

When we are faced with hateful rejection, it is the loss of self-love that causes the greatest harm. We sought only to share our deepest, more authentic, most raw version of ourselves and we were met with rejection or, much worse, hatred and cruelty. 

While grief is at the  center of our pain it is genuine compassion that guides our healing. Whether one is facing thoughts of death, or one is the left-behind, The First Signs of April is a must read for the sake of love.  


Stormview Mountain Press is honored to have Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe join our cadre of authors and poets.  

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