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Hand in Darkness

Guru Trump!


OMFG. DESPAIR. Here it comes (again) and there U go (again). Helpless, hopeless, gawping witness to man's inhumanity to man, Ur stuck feeling powerless and permanently damaged, praying from Ur utter gut:



U can't.


BUT GURU TRUMP CAN -- can turn your mind around so fast you'll never know what hit you!

MORE tremendously fast than anyone has ever seen before!


It's like a miracle, Ur angst just poof! disappears after U apply the bigly wisdom-methods from this tiny little tome, it's unbelievable,  




Author PS: "A. Lady" is not their real name. Their "real" name is [REDACTED] .

Rotten Tomato.jpg

Donald Trump is My [Frickin'] Guru
De-Constructing the Mirage of Despair Whilst Encouraging Presence of Mind
by A. Lady

The team at Stormview Mountain Press is honored to offer this outrageous, provocative, and startlingly effective book. To learn more or purchase your copy of DONALD TRUMP IS MY [FRICKIN’] GURU, see below!

Interview with A. Lady

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