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A Modern Day Book Drop!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

What to expect from Stormview Mountain Press

Welcome to Stormview Mountain Press. We help writers self-publish and provide a space to feature their books and online programs. Occasionally we offer live events. Like a modern day book drop, we are eclectic in our choices. Please consider subscribing to our blog and get notified when new publications are available.

“We are like a modern day book drop.”

We will be inviting guest authors to post about their writing processes and what inspired them to write. We hope readers will enjoy discovering their various "backstories." Listen to interviews with authors on our podcast channel, Podcast.the.Mindstream which can be accessed here at the website as well as Spotify, Google, Apple and other channels.

Our team is developing on-line programming, events and downloadable training in a variety of topics. We hope you join us as we add authors to our collection.