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A Digital Book Drop!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

What to expect from Stormview Mountain Press

Welcome to Stormview Mountain Press. We help writers self-publish and provide a space to feature their books and online programs. Occasionally we offer live events. Like a modern day book drop, we are eclectic in our choices. Please consider subscribing to our blog and get notified when new publications are available.

“We are a digital book drop offering eclectic selections”

We will be inviting guest authors to post about their writing processes and what inspired them to write. We hope readers will enjoy discovering their various "backstories." Listen to interviews with authors on our podcast channel, Podcast.the.Mindstream which can be accessed here at the website as well as Spotify, Google, Apple and other channels.

Our team is developing on-line programming, events and downloadable training in a variety of topics. We hope you join us as we add authors to our collection.

We bring writers and readers together

At Stormview Mountain we believe the relationship between writer and reader is sacred. When one reads, one allows magic to enter one's mind. We give permission to let our thoughts and imaginations be commandeered by a specific writer for a period of time. We permit ourselves to be inspired, provoked, entertained and influenced by the writer's ideas.

We select authors who understand the integrity of this relationship. We offer them a platform, not only to sell their works, but to further develop a connection to their readerships. The dynamic interaction that occurs when a reader holds a book in their hands (or digital reader!) is unique. It is a nexus of minds.

If you are writer seeking to place your completed works in the Stormview Mountain Press collection, please review our Submissions page and subscribe to our posts. We will be opening up for submissions in the Fall of 2022.

If you are a writer seeking an editor, beta readers, or assistance in self publishing, please subscribe to our posts and consider a membership in our "book-drop" writer's guild. The guild will be rolled out in the fall of 2023, and will offer different levels of involvement. As our operations and author affiliations evolve, we will let you know more information about this service.

Whether you are a reader or writer, please view our Writer's Corner webpage. Meet our Bookdrop Guild of current writers. You are invited to view their "back offices" where you can learn more about their unique voices in the trade-craft of writing.

Above all, please enjoy our new take on an old profession.

~ by Stormview Reviews

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