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Updated: May 16

We are running a seasonal promotion to help fill our digital bookshelves. Our Digital Writer's Guild membership has its privileges, to be sure, but we are offering authors a free deal. Get a lifetime-listing at Stormview Mountain, featuring your book (both paperback and e-book book editions), a book description and a link to one major retailer. You can use a universal URL for your link, if you have one.

We offer free book listings in May, September & February.

What are we looking for?

  • Self-help, Health & Wellness, Stress Management, Personal Development

  • Political Humor & Commentary

  • Life Coaching

  • Memoir

  • Literature

  • Fiction: Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Adventure, Thrillers

  • Poetry

  • Children's book

What do we need?

You will need to certify you are the owner (author) of the book you are submitting and upload a scanned copy of the copyright page for each submission.

How do you submit?

Go to our free Bookshelf Listing page and complete the form.


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