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The Secrets of Indie-Publishing

Welcome to the Stormview Mountain Press blog discussion about the secrets of indie-publishing, This is the beginning of a series of "reveals'"in which our blog writers will take turns discussing some of the big challenges, frustrations and solutions in getting your book to market. Notice I said, "getting it to market," not marketing and selling. Big distinction.

First, as a creative or non-fiction writer, the part you like best and focus on most is - the writing. Once your book is complete, the struggle to get it in print begins. And boy, does it. If you are an "Indie" you aren't handing it off to your editor or literary agent. You are grabbing another hat and digging into the issue of formatting and preparing your manuscript for print.

Ok. I get it. You just fell into a ditch.

It's true, there is an abundance of helpful articles on the web, software investments, and you-Tube instructionals, but let's face it- this is not your forte'. The Stormview team is a cadre of writers, authors, poets and playwrights who banded together to solve these issues. Some of us were terrific developmental editors and others had some techno-savy skills from previous life iterations. All of us were stumped by the process and at times, we admit, we were ready throw in the hat. The indie-publishing hat that's a bit oversized to our liking.

In order to solve a problem, you have to identify it. Before we reveal our secrets, let's discuss the challenges. Here are a series of questions we posed to our Digital Writer's Guild, founding members.

  1. What have been the biggest challenges and/or headaches involved in getting your book formatted, uploaded, and accepted at major on-line retailers? (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc?)

  2. What annoyed you the most?

  3. What element of "bringing your book to market" was the most frustrating?

  4. How long did it take to solve these problems? What delayed you the most?

  5. What word processing editor do you like to use?

  6. Were you aware of the algorithm Amazon (and others) use to catapult your book onto their best seller list and how it works? (the ABSL for example?)

  7. Did you know that the category and keyword search terms (for all retailers) are very competitive?

  8. Do you know the method that potential readers use to select books?

  9. Do you know how to get Reviews that are not rejected by the retailer?

  10. Are you aware, there are Ai search terms in your book description you can use to your advantage?

  11. How would you describe your overall experience getting your completed manuscript in an acceptable format, uploaded and published on-line?

Now that we have your interest, we want you to simmer in the sauce for a while. Like a good suspense novel, we want to drum up the tension before we reveal our secrets. Keep your eyes open for "Secrets of Indie-Publishing Part 2."

Meanwhile if you want to take the poll, join in!

What are the barriers to your publishing?

  • Formatting a manuscript appropriately

  • I struggle with finding a good cover

  • A good editor

  • Choosing the right categories and keywords

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