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With Inner Pathways, author John C. Winchell deftly illuminates secret catacombs of the soul where past-life love stirs, dormant emotions awaken, and solemn oaths of soul contracts are justly fulfilled.


John meticulously handcrafts each poem, applying ultimate concision in word choice to impactful metaphor and symbolism. This unique style of cathartic brevity evolved out of necessity, as poetry was his primary form of emotional expression during multiple consecutively difficult life chapters.


Every poem beckons readers to explore the deeper aspects of their own soul. Through compelling verse, John carefully examines challenging life dichotomies like stagnation versus action and complacency versus change. He also endeavors to strike a contemplative balance between his heart and mind, intimately unpacking the complexity of that timeless inner struggle.

Beneath the surface, John challenges readers’ own self-limiting beliefs and empowers them to confront their hidden shadow selves and negative conditioning.


Inner Pathways provides a honest touchstone for those seeking to expand their awareness, heal old wounds, and live more compassionately. This collection should resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost, alone or trapped in a cycle of self-imposed negativity.


Inner Pathways by John C. Winchell

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