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Writer's Tool Box ~ Coming Soon

Creative minds create.  They are immersed in style, content, mood and structure. Technology can hamper the creative impulse making it unwieldy, or worse, uncomfortable. How does a creative mind leap over the hurdles of indie publishing?

The Stormview Mountain Basecamp Team

has been exploring and "vetting" writing and editing software

along with ebook and paperback publishers,

promotional tools,

and best practices.

Get ahead of the curve!

Watch for our upcoming presentation.

Camping in Mountains

Why a Tool Box?

What software offers indie writers the most freedom for word-crafting?  How shall one manage the formatting of their works for typeset readiness? What platforms best support  their voices?  Have you used Microsoft Word, only to discover it couldn't accurately load into typeset?  Have you sent your manuscript out for editing and proofreading only to find more errors?  Not sure which one of your versions is the most current?  Need a check list to make sure you have your manuscript in order? 

The Stormview Mountain Writer's Tool Box helps reduce the frustration of independent publishing. 

The Writer's Tool Box

Coming Soon!  The Basecamp Powerpoint Presentation with links. View online or download.

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