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CanPoetry Heal?

Author’s words crafted into plots and characters weave storylines to shape ideas which entertain or provoke the reader. Journalism and non-fiction books also influence readers’ objective thoughts and beliefs. Only poetry can tap into a reader’s soul with timeless truths riding on cadence, rhythm and metaphor. In short, a poet’s voice is the essence of his/her intrinsic style.

John C. Winchell’s poetic verse resembles a drumbeat, guiding us deeper into the wisdom of our own emotions.

Everyone has unresolved feelings hidden inside our hearts. Yet, along with pain and sorrow, this emotional cache can also contain joy and hope. Some people fiercely avoid expressing these feelings out of fear. Unsurprisingly, finding the courage to explore them then becomes an integral part of their healing journey.

John handcrafts poems of vividly sharp concision leading readers into ravines of abandonment and along rocky trails of emotional recovery. In Emotional Fissures, he invites readers to accompany him on an intense expedition into grief, loss and, ultimately, healing.

John’s newest poetry collection, Inner Pathways, offers another unique opportunity to unlock secret wells of passion and bravery buried within ourselves. He boldly guides readers along a journey of self-discovery,  empowering them to successfully overcome their own inner struggles.

Both books are now available on Amazon. For more detailed information, please click here.

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