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Mountain Ridge


Emotional Fissures


John C. Winchell

Emotional Fissures offers a compelling look into nine months of author John Winchell’s life during 2008 when he experienced a series of tragic events.; the break-up of a longstanding relationship, loss of job and housing and the sudden death of his youngest sister.

This condensed timeline of  events forced him to navigate a labyrinth of fear, uncertainty, grief and loss without any formal support.

Poetry became John’s primary coping mechanism, creative outlet and confidant. The results are an epic inner journey of emotional catharsis leading to intense introspection and spiritual evolution.

Readers will discover the power of expressive self-reflection to help mend a wounded soul.

Emotional FIssures_cover.jpg


Stormview Mountain Review:

In our culture, men are not encouraged to share the burden of their grief. Success, striving, achievement and displays of power are rewarded whilst silent despair is considered just that - silent. 


Poet John Winchell offers a bittersweet taste of the real to a culture that thrives on the illusion of success without stark self- reflection. 

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