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Mountain Ridge


Emotional Fissures


John C. Winchell

This collection represents a nine year span (2000-2009) in which its author experienced the following: a broken longstanding soulmate relationship, two car accidents, principal job/housing loss, sibling death and multiple karmic obligations played out in continuous pattern of difficult decisions, processing and release of past and present life trauma. The breadth of subject matter is both diverse and utterly personal. With no intimate support system, poetry served as his confidant, creative outlet and emotional vent. The results are a cathartic landscape of intense pain and quiet suffering leading to spiritual transformation. 

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Stormview Mountain Review:

In our culture, men are not encouraged to share the burden of their grief. Success, striving, achievement and displays of power are rewarded whilst silent despair is considered just that - silent. 


Poet John Winchell offers a bittersweet taste of the real to a culture that thrives on the illusion of success without stark self- reflection. 

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