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Mountain Ridge



A Murder of Crows

by Anneka Lowrie

Johanna Kincaid, a retired psychotherapist, agrees to help her long time friend and mentor, Angelique Boudreau, with a troubling problem. She could not have predicted the cascade of murder and peril that would follow. Her unique combination of expert knowledge in the range of human behavior and her apprenticeship in the mysterious ways of shamanism collide in a situation that threatens her life and the lives of her dearest friends.


A Murder of Crows is the first in a series of mystery novels that explore the intersection of ancient wisdom with the devious nature of human greed. Johanna Kincaid is a reluctant detective whose impeccable skills are about to become in high demand.

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Her First Time Out

by Erica Shay

Ex-cop Marti O'Neil is struggling to save her uncle's detective agency from insolvency when she fortuitously lands a wealthy socialite as a client. Jayne Cullen is convinced her husband's untimely death in a car crash was no accident and wants to hire a detective to conduct a private investigation.

When she discovers her client's husband was indeed murdered, the police begin to suspect Jayne might have had a hand in it. Now Marti has to work overtime to prove her client's innocence. The investigation lands her in a crossfire of likely suspects when she becomes a target herself. Who's next to get murdered at the Sedgwick Hotel in Easton, Pennsylvania and why?  Maybe it’s just in the cards.

ACE oF CUPS: HER FIRST TIME OUT is the first in a series of romantic thrillers that combines crime detection with an intoxicating splash of the metaphysical.  Sure to entice LGBTQ+ readers and others alike.  After all love is love, To the death. 

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