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Get an Indie-Expert on your Virtual Staff

Updated: Feb 27

When you just can't go it totally alone and need some help navigating the Indie writing world of editing, formatting, uploading, marketing and distributing your book.

  • My manuscript is done, and I need a trained eye to find unintended errors.

  • I want a list of BETA readers to let me know what I "got right" and what needs revision.

  • I can't figure out Amazon KDP to save my life.

  • How I choose the right keywords and categories?

  • Website...I have to have a website?

If this sounds familiar, you need an Indie-expert on your virtual staff. This blog article is for you.

“I did all the work and they got most of the royalties!” - this is the biggest complaint we hear

Most writers we know are busy writing. Word-crafting is their forte' and it's a singular passion most of the time. Creativity doesn't necessarily perform well in a bustling office with a support staff running updates on the latest book releases, promotions and jacket art revisions.

Most writers we know want to write, and hire someone to do the rest. In the book production world, those services come from literary agents and big publishing houses.

In the Indie publishing world, most authors end up either learning the ropes themselves or hiring someone else who politely retains some (most) of the royalty earnings for themselves.

Stormview Mountain Press believes in writer empowerment

As a member of our Writer's Guild, you can access affordable services for editing, formatting, web development and other crucial independent publishing necessities.

If you're already a member, check out this new offering in the Writer's Corner:

If you want to learn more about the benefits of joining the Writer's Guild, please follow this link:

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